Bindship (Binder Clip) by Ju Yun Chung
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Winner
When it comes to a binder clip, nobody thinks that as a valuable thing. In addition, usually people don’t really care about a design when they use it. So when this project started, the first step was aiming to make a package someone can buy it as a gift. Therefore, the project focused on making a refined brand image. And 3 keywords(relationship, combine,value) was selected about the brand. When you combine something with Bindship, it makes special relationship and value.
Bindship is a binder clip brand aiming to find the hidden value in a simple thing and cherish it. Something in daily life would be binded by Bindship, and therefore it builds a more special relationship than ever before. Also, Bindship provides not only different sizes but also different pressures of binder clips. There are 3 different pressures of clip so that buyers can choose depending on how many papers they are going to bind. It can help to prevent remaining trace of a clip on the paper.
Design Challenges
This project was my personal design. It was impossible to make goods on a mass production basis and therefore it costed a lot to start up for making small batches. Also it made some restrictions to make what I exactly intended.
Production Technology
Max labo were used to put patterns on the binder clip. Also sponge was cut by laser into binder clip shape for using a try in the package. And acrylic was customized for using the pattern chips and display.
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