90 Deg (Bamboo Chair Within Bag) by Jeff Ching-Wen Chang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Winner
The situation of the need of resting happen when people feel their legs tired, all they like to do is to have a seat. Think of the easy transforming operation for use from bag to chair stage. There is a most simple and directed way for users to do, they just need to turn the bag 90 degrees to become a chair. User-friendly operation is developed from the design of the structure of the holder. Let users use easily without complex steps to make transformations between the bag and chair stage.
90 Deg is a bag with 2 kinds of types, one as a bag for everyday use, another as a chair for temporary seat. In the situations like walking for a long time and waiting in line tire people out, what they like to do is to have a seat. There is only one simple and quick way of action to meet the need. Turn 90 Deg 90 degrees to make a bag become a temporary seat for relaxing.
Design Challenges
Another challenge is how to fix the bag parts to the holder and have the feature of easy disassembly and assembling. The middle reinforcement of the holder not only helps to withstand the weight of users, but makes the middle layer of the bag parts fixed by zippers. Then, the right and left bag use open end zippers fix to the middle layer. The way of easy assembling the parts make users can assemble their favorite style and be convenient to detach the parts for cleaning and replacement.
Production Technology
90 Deg mainly consists of two parts, the holder and the bag parts. The material of the holder is using laminated bamboo. By the way of manufacture of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to make the shape of the holder. Laminated bamboo has a very strong strength to withstand the weight of users sitting on 90 Deg.
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