Bird of Passage (Womenswear Collection) by Abhisaar Saxena
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
Walking down the transient path, the ground soon catches up with the breeze, as we move further so does all. There is nothing that is still, even a rock has its movement. It moves as it morphs. Born from the motion in the elaborate journey of life, the phases of the path and the depth of the route, Bird of passage shares its semantics with movement. This collection addresses the movement in life, the varied aspects of good times and opportunities of being celebrated.
The label serves a niche of women who are self-assured and bold. This collection being inspired by the movement in life was made for such a woman to give her a complete closet suitable for her lifestyle. The entire collection is quite versatile. Be it a charity gala or a business meet, a casual lunch with the ladies or a date night with the spouse, there is a look for every occasion. The use of fabrics like double-knit scuba and moss crepe also make the collection wrinkle resistant.
Design Challenges
The techniques used for creating the minimal details were intensive and skillful. Fabric manipulations and hand crafted detailing such as cording, braiding and permanent pleating have been applied through the collection. The depth of colours in pure silk fabrics were obtained by the process of silk-dyeing. The collection employs the use of scuba knits, crepes, pure silks and faux leather. We faced a major challenge in getting a variety of fabrics with unmatched nature, together for construction.
Production Technology
Construction of garments started with prototypes and was developed in the assigned fabrics following a meticulous routine of hand basting, machine stitching and hand finishing. The placement of sheer & cut out panels was made with a complete understanding of the human form, in order to achieve the desired look. We modified the traditional collar & lapel and derived an in-set collar-lapel look for our designs. For the effect of sheer play we worked with our technique of under-layered paneling.
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