Beats Tag (Bendable Bt Speaker) by Hyungju Do
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
No stress, No hassle for music. It started from basic geometry form, behavior listening to music. Therefore speakers need to adapt to the using environment. We thought Portable speakers would be as soft as fabric. Beats tag is not only contains the texture of the fabric but also, flexibly band like real Fabric. Moreover, it can be used in four different ways.
The brand-new fabric portable Bluetooth speaker is for any situation, any place and anyone. It's been simplified into geometric shapes of a circle with a rectangle. It can be changed 4 different type - hanger type / stand type / clip type & standard flat type depending on the listening environment.
Design Challenges
The most difficult task was to create Brand new form factor. We seriously considered about a form which appropriate for bending structure. There were much effort to find color combinations that match the concept of the product and to render the canvas material as a rendering.
Production Technology
Production for Brand-new bendable BT speaker. 'Beats tag' body is made of flexible silicon with canvas. We designed 'Beats tag' with Premium Danish textile brand Kvadrat. Kvadrat emphasizes 'Beat tag' which can be flexibly changed depending on the user's lifestyle.
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