Poetic Journey (Hotel) by ETHOSpace Pte. Ltd.
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design of Art Rotana emerged from a design vision inspired by the Owner encapsulating a perception of concept predicated on Heritage from eloquent expressions of the Past and Present, returning to the Future within a modern context.
Within the context of a rich Arabian heritage and a contemporary landscape of ideals prevailing in the modern world that we live in today, in Art Rotana prevails a modernity that embraces the lifestyle of a Bedouin culture exuding finesse in the harshest of desert life by their warm approach in traditional hospitality to even a stranger weary from days of travelling alone amidst the sand dunes. The stranger is welcomed into the tent as a brother descended upon his own people.
Design Challenges
The crux of the conceptual research inspiring the storyboard of Art Rotana was predicated on an understanding of a culture the designer had always admired as a teenager when he was first exposed to Sir Walter Scott The Talisman and his many readings of Arabian romances, literature and philosophy. For him as a designer, this design assignment was more than the many museums or galleries he had designed but an opportunity of a lifetime to give birth to a romantic novel of a culture and people he had grown an affinity to.
Production Technology
The main concept at the entrance of the Hotel is in context of 2 modern tents. At the porte cohere is designed a magnificent steel sky frame canopy, the result of creativity integrated with technology. The tented metal structure extends into the reception lobby to join an elegantly sculptured leather tent in an Arabic inspired tapestry illuminated by an LED inspired Barrisol. Water jet technology brings to life Arabian calligraphic expressions over marble floors. Bent wood forms and fibreglass with moulded plaster adds depth to forms expressive of the future Middle East in walls and ceilings throughout the hotel.
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