Hug (Armchair) by ninho design studio
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The armchair was inspired by the act of hugging, full of emotion and the feeling of being welcome and safe, aiming to provide a sense of tranquility. It offers a relaxation experience as an alternative to the fast and stressful daily life, bringing to the fore good memories. Our goal was to develop a long-lived, extremely comfortable and resistant product that was also a more efficient alternative to the production of shells, usually made from wood, fiber or injected molding.
Hug is an armchair intended for a reclined sitting posture that anatomically hugs its users and gives them head support. Its extremely thin and resistant steel plate shell maximizes internal space and minimizes the use of materials by not employing the commonly used wood. This concept favors comfort since internally there are only foam and feathers. The base is made from Freijo solid wood, which emphasizes the design of the upholstered body. It comes with an ottoman.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to develop a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to the production of shells, usually made from wood, fiber or injected molding. The goal was to minimize the use of materials by using steel plate, which has a smaller environmental footprint. Exploring the potential of 1.5 mm steel plate, a production process was developed inspired by the geometry of polyhedrons, and the two-dimensional material became a three-dimensional, ergonomic, resistant and very thin shell.
Production Technology
Hug combines different materials to industrial and handmade processes. The Freijo wood base follows traditional woodworking techniques. The 1.5 mm steel plate shell is laser cut, folded, welded and padded with 5 mm foam. The seat cushion has foams of different densities. The arms and backrest have a one piece soft cushion filled with feathers. Its whole structure (shell, seat, arms and backrest) is upholstered by hand with a fabric and genuine leather cover.
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