Kaedama (Restaurant) by Sheela Pawar
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Kaedama is located in the center of the food hall atrium and finds it inspiration from the clock towers in classic European town squares. Named for the Japanese term for requesting a second serving of ramen noodles, Kaedama provides a taste of Tokyo and offers traditional & fusion ramen noodles, small plates, soups and dumplings. The design of Kaedama is playful, theatrical and completely unexpected in an airport environment, where subpar food and design are often the norm.
Kaedama, is a unique Asian noodle concept at Newark Airport's Terminal C. The cornerstone of this ramen bar is the two story sculpture located above it, in the form of an abstract gold noodle that is wrapped by a hand woven LED media mesh. The mesh features 17,000 interconnected lights that display animated designs and create a dynamic and unique canvas. The animations, as well as choreographed uplighting, highlight the curvature of both the LED mesh and interior structure.
Design Challenges
Building a structure of this size and scale in an airport was a challenging.The four-story structure had to be built twice, once at the warehouse in Orlando to make sure that the structure would fit inside of the terminal, and a second time inside the terminal itself. Several tests had to be conducted onsite to ensure success of LED color, pattern, movement and transition speed, as well as visibility in daylight versus night.
Production Technology
The Mediamesh sculpture has an ambient and spectacle mode. In its ambient mode, the structure displays color gradients, kaleidoscopic images and other abstract animations. Spectacle mode displays Japanese inspired images including samarai , clouds drifting across the sky, and other playful images. These animations are digitally created and managed, and can be easily changed seasonally and for special events. Another unique component of the restaurant is that chefs are elevated on a platform directly under the sculpture to highlight the theater of making freshly pulled noodles. The chef area is bounded by 42-seat, six-point star shaped counter made from modern and luxe materials, such as wood, leather and metal.
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