Uioffh (Website) by Andrew Veles
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Website and Web Design Award Winner
I have seen a lot of different Ukrainian national clothing, they were different but there was no specific place to see the area where this style was appear initially. Ukrainian history and culture is very rich and nobody cares about past Ukrainian fashion. The website was developed, to show the boldness of national roots and imagination.
Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History was designed to show the unique Ukrainian clothing culture. This website shows the initiative of group of designers to keep the national clothing history alive, to make it popular between our nation.
Design Challenges
The solution I wanted to design should be simple to use and understand. Like interactive Wikipedia or online magazine. Everything should work to inform the visitor about Ukrainian history. On the website I took many perspectives from the past interaction experience and brought it into this magazine.
Production Technology
There was a design and brand reserach of what the Ukrainian design is. To show the strenth of Ukrainian culture, it's stand and life-affirming firstly I developed the logo. This logo was created based on simple grid to provide a rectangular form which makes the idea stronger. Next I dived into design based on the inspiration from developing this logo. I've empathised the soul of pictures provided by Glib Zagoriy Foundation and brought them into this design.
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