Sauna Habits (Stove) by Marina Baranova
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
In the background research, the most interesting aspects for me were the genuine experience and the cultural meaning of Finnish sauna. The name Sauna Habits means the approach to look into their culture and habits, slow living, rituals, social life, and also the mindfulness inside a sauna.
According to different sources, traditional sauna stoves have one of the highest emission factors among residential heating appliances. The suggested solution aims to achieve a more sustainable way of taking sauna without losing the traditional experience of wood burning stoves.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge of prototyping was the complex concrete casting process, which included 3d modeling and milling of styrofoam moulds, preparation of all pieces, actual fireproof concrete casting, opening the moulds and finishing the surface.
Production Technology
The core of the stove prototype was cast out of fireproof concrete. Moulds for casting were made with a CNC machine out of polystyrene foam. For producing the inner structure parts of the prototype, different techniques of processing steel were used e.g welding, cutting etc.
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