Ge Healthcare (Interior Design) by Michael Setter
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Our design was inspired by GE Healthcare cutting edge technology, with its options for seeing the human body tissues and layers from the outside. We aimed to give architectural expression to its uniqueness, and also to a meeting point between architectonic design aspects with medical imaging elements.
GE Healthcare engages in research and development of medical imaging via MRI and CT. We launched our design process by analyzing what the company does and seeing how we could reflect it in architectural terms. Our overarching aspiration was to celebrate GE Healthcare uniqueness, and to identify the point where architectonic design could encounter and merge with elements of medical imaging.
Design Challenges
Our challenge was in one hand, to create an architectonic design that will encounter and merge with elements of medical imaging, and yet allow an operative work place, including labs, open space work stations and meeting rooms. The fact that the company management wanted to create an open space work space created a new challenge for the design team. we wanted to allow both privacy and transparaty. This new work space made it possible to create a viewer's gaze through the elements - as we wanted.
Production Technology
Changing elements of wood build a 3D picture, like the benches that grows out of the various segments and textures, revealing the work spaces as if exploring the body inner organs.
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