Darkness to Go (3d Animation) by Chi Pan Cheong
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Movie and Animation Design Award Winner
We have seen a movie about a color blinded person who was able to see colors again, which inspired us to come up with this story. In the movie, the patient was very happy and emotional after seeing colors again. We would like to bring this joy and excitement into the animation, so the scenes are all shown in bold, joyful and distinctive way. We hope the patient could watch this animation after his recovery, and wish he could feel the beauty of brightness and color in the animation.
Orbis is a charity dedicated to helping the patients with eye diseases. Their advertisements are mostly presented in a dark atmosphere or just expressed in ordinary video. In this activity, we would like to attract the audience's eyes in a spilt second by the delighted animation, in order to encourage the audiences to focus on this activity, light rhythm and bright colors are applied to the animation, a stronger visual impulse brought consequently into the story.
Design Challenges
As this is a non-profit project, with the insufficiency of funding, we had to put all our work force to finish the project in a short time and the toughest part is the scene production. We cannot directly present what we have in our minds because it will overlook the variety of design elements and the aesthetics of the project. Therefore, we have made a lot of efforts on concept art design in the early stage and tried a lot of color matching. Besides, it is quite difficult to tell the story in the abstract aspect.
Production Technology
In anticipation of the advertisement throughout the promotion video in response with extension of the graphic poster, in addition, with the implication of seven abstract scenes designed for the animation, moreover, with usage of Dynamics, motion graphic, animation etc, in result to vitality and fluency of the video, furthermore, with coordination of fast and rhythmic beat music, we desire this can catch the eyes of the audience at once, in consequence of developing the awareness to people with eye disease.
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