Globe (Floor Lamp) by Edoardo Colzani
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
I was inspired by the idea of enhancing the shapes of the object without exasperating them and using a simple aesthetic language. A lamp with very essential shapes but with great impact.
Globe Floor Lamp offers a new perception of the luminous object: LED light, handcrafted materials, and simple forms perfectly combine. The project originates from a spherical element reinterpreted by cutting its upper and lower domes to cast the light in both directions. The lampshade is made up of a single metal piece without weld joints and required a big technical effort in its realization. Globe is a flexible lamp thanks to the adjustable lampshade and LED bar and to the different combinations of internal and external finishes.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of Globe project was to find a solution to realize the lampshade using only one single metal piece. This process took one year in design and engineering research because a mould for this particular shape was not available. The final solution was the creation of a spherical dome, using the turning technique, subsequently laser cut to open it on both sides.
Production Technology
Floor Lamp with central LED light and adjustable lampshade available in satin copper, black iron “Cenere” or with inside in satin copper and outside black lacquered. The Globe project aims at giving value to the material with which the lamp is made looking for a delicate balance between form and substance.
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