Handmade Warmth (Brochure) by Alexander Kirzhbaum
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The Child support fund collaborates with organisations which help families in difficult life situations. I was inspired by the ball of thread; if thread is tangled, it's difficult to untangle. Yet the Fund ables to deal with tangled threads — difficult life situations — and transform it to warm characters from a storytails, which makes a childhood the way it should be. The characters used in brochure are well-known for Russian reader: they appear in famous books for children of Twentieth Century and considered as a national possession.
I’ve made cute and warm thread illustrations for the fund’s brochure. Along with short poems for children, images describe the programmes and projects of the fund in a kind and funny way. It gives the right tone to the brochure: we feel just like back in childhood, when adults were reading books to us: warm, being loved and secure.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to attract attention to difficult subject with new approach. We aimed not to cause sympathy or compassion, but to communicate warmth, care, memories about childhood.
Production Technology
I had to get used to materials and the number of ways to fasten the threads. The materials I used: - foam board size A2 and 10 mm thick, - pins by PRYM 0.26 mm thick, 16 mm long (others bend under the tension of the thread) - threads MOULINE (each thread must be divided into 3 smaller thread) It is crucial to use contrast background for illustrations because it's easies for post-production.
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