Insta360 Pro (Professional Vr Camera) by Benjamin Kwok
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
VR experiences may be the 21st century's defining mode of expression. But its potential is still taking shape. The spark that sets off its evolution is going to come from the hands of creators, when enough talented people are experimenting with VR, the culture will follow. That's where the Insta360 Pro comes in. In terms of user experience, function and price, it is the most accessible gateway to the riches of VR creation, and as such, it stands to expand the world's ability to express itself.
The Insta360 Pro is the VR creator's Swiss Army knife, a 360 camera offering a high, performance feature set never before available in such an intuitive all-in-one tool. Ready to shoot beautiful stereoscopic (3D) 360 stills and video in up to 8K, its onboard stitching makes VR creation simple.
Design Challenges
With its groundbreaking combination of performance and accessibility, the Insta360 Pro occupies an all-new space in the 360° camera industry. So to design it, we needed to innovate from 0 to 1. At base, our challenge was threefold: create a design that met professional needs on a practical level (portable, intuitive, functionally versatile), prove our company's commitment to making premium-quality and technically groundbreaking products, and do it all while keeping the price low enough that the product owould achieve one of our higher-level goals—to empower a much larger base of creators to work in VR. To this end, there were challenges at every step. Among them: -determining the optimal form factor for our unique six-lens arrangement -keeping the product down to a compact, portable size, while still giving a solid housing to the hardware components necessary for pro-quality 8K 360° and 3D video -integrating a proprietary image-stitching technology that would give our users unprecedented flexibility for high-quality livestreaming
Production Technology
The Pro's six lenses are installed in a hexagonal arrangement along its circumference, with each of them exactly 65 millimeters from the next. This distance was carefully chosen to mimic the distance between the human eyes, ensuring that no matter where viewers look in a 3D scene captured by the Pro, they will get a realistic, natural-feeling depth effect, free from dizziness-inducing errors. The six F2.4 fisheye lenses each have a 200-degree field of view, overlapping significantly with the adjacent lenses and providing plenty of coverage in the vertical directions, enabling the Pro to capture high-fidelity, floor-to-ceiling spherical images. The aluminum-alloy shell aids in heat dispersal, as do the twin internal fans on the Pro's top and bottom poles. Four polycarbonate air vents are arranged on either side of these fans, each with one edge for air intake and one edge for output, providing ample circulation for speedy heat dissipation during extended recordings. The six anodized aluminum plates that compose the Pro's exterior are a manufacturing feat in themselves. Each one must be expertly anodized to ensure that there is no color variation, giving the device a final impression of being cut from a continuous aluminum sphere. On the inside, the Pro utilizes six high-sensitivity, back-illuminated CMOS sensors, ensuring high performance even in low-light scenarios, and allowing it to capture spherical photos and videos in up to 8K (for stereoscopic content, maxresolutions are 8K for photos, and 6K per eye for videos), and then stitch them together in real-time with a powerful onboard processor. Every Pro must undergo individual, hands-on testing before leaving the production line, to ensure flawless image quality, image processing and lens alignment. This is in addition to a series of environmental and device longevity tests— including tests for extreme temperature, extreme humidity, and long-term, repeated button operation. Finally, an included hard-shell travel case is designed to protect against both shock and humidity, allowing creators to take the Pro on far-flung shoots without worry. All of the Pro's materials adhere to strict, international environmental standards, such as RoHS and REACH, upholding Insta360's commitment to safe, sustainable manufacturing.
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