Pink Coal Living (Interior Design) by Juliana Pippi
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The sensitivity and strength of the feminine and cosmopolitan universe is the essence ofthe environment. The living room of 110 m2 integrates hall, living room, dining room, bar,washbasin and highlights the brightness of light pink, bare and white shades in contrast withthe power of black and graphite tones. A room to enjoy, listen to music and appreciate the art. Thework of designers, artists and sculptors give soul to the space. The ceiling and the wall panelspresent an authorial design. The sophisticated furniture with gold and iron detailsharmonizes with antique pieces and handmade tapestry.
Such as the natural wood flooring in American oak, the finishing touches designed exclusively for the environment. Among the novelties are alsothe wallpaper unprecedented in Brazil, rare pieces and old medals from an antique dealer. Beyond this, a collection of art, metal accessories that will be exhibited for the first time in the space. Randomly placed furniture brings contemporary shaped furniture in harmony with tapestry and many works of art signed by Brazilian artists.
Design Challenges
The challenge of the project was the structure of the wooden lining ceiling on the old roof, since the house is very old. Another challenge was to build the marble-walled washroom with whole slabs over 3 meters high.
Production Technology
The design began with the design of the ripped ceiling. In the lining, Juliana created a paginationcompletely different. She used natural slats of wood teca - Address Eco -with a black background to give a depth. The design, created exclusivelyfor space, takes advantage of all the performance of natural materials. The lighting mimics the designs within the structure. The architect draws attention to the lighting project with theFlamingo Pendant, from Ouse Illumination, on the dining table.
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