Kisseal (Beverage) by Tiger Pan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Shelley once said, soul meets soul on lover’s lips. And “sealed with a kiss” is a rather popular song. To express wordless love and its true essence, we reinterpret “sealed with a kiss” by illustrating the well-known kiss in Times Square happened in WWⅡ. Thus, we spread the idea that it is love that makes the world rotate, that love is most enduring emotion, that love is a part of the brand’s concept and that the brand will hopefully last for ever.
The name of Kisseal is from a pop song and every single letter is symbolized in the artwork into flowing shapes just like aroma of coffee.The illustration of the bottle is from 2 famous artists, Marco & Stefano, twin bothers from Turin Italy. Their inspiration is from stained glass window of churches and the style is Pop Art, which endows the package with a high identifiability and a strong feeling of aesthetics. As such, the graphic design conveys the core value of the brand effectively.
Design Challenges
To name the product is a pain in the neck to us as many of what we want is registered officially and possessed by others. So we spent much time and effort to name the product both in Chinese and in English.
Production Technology
The plastic bottle is covered by shrink films and printed with the technique of spot-color printing.
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