Galaxy Tracker Nova (Telescope) by Eastcolight Design Team
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Winner
Most of the professional telescope are designed with complex details which may only suit stargazing professionals to operate. To look for a specific celestial in this crowded sky to observe could be very difficult without a map. We want a telescope that is a combination of the professional optical technology and the convenient navigation technology provided by Starwalk app.
It provides a comfortable and high quality stargazing experience for users from beginner to professional level with the help of the Starwalk 2 app, while users are able to take pictures or videos through the lens of the telescope. The lens in the telescope body are Achromatic Multi-Coated. The tripod fits both left and right handed users. We provide 3 type of eye-pieces for viewing in different circumstances. The operation of the iPhone adaptor is very simple with the help of magnet mechanism.
Design Challenges
Choosing the suitable tripod is very important, it has to be strong and steady enough to make sure the teleport is not shaking while using. Also, the phone adaptor is tailor made for iPhones, the design of it has to be very user-friendly and trust-worthy for users to place the iPhone on the telescope.
Production Technology
The telescope is manufacture in a non-polluted environment in order to ensure no dust is effecting the viewing quality.
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