Fontevita (Packaging) by Moreno Barel
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The idea behind the packaging was thus to give premium value to a low cost material by means of a sophisticated design, a glass look-like and a shade finish capable of combining the unbreakability, lightweight and low cost advantages of PET with concepts of elegance, character and refined simplicity.
FonteVita,a 39 grams bottle, is the alternative to glass with a lot of other benefits such as unbreakability, lightweight and low cost. FonteVita redefines the boundaries of premiumness for the horeca sector not with a glass packaging but with a plastic one through an eye-catching shape, a new type of decoration, possible thanks to a new use of the multilayer technology, and LuxCap, the very first premium cap for pco 1881 cap, which is entirely customizable in colours, finishing and printings. The shape brings to mind a flower slowly blossoming, while the blue shade stands for the water that help the flower growth and, at the same time, is the product contained in the bottle itself.
Design Challenges
There is increasing demand among bottling companies for packaging solutions that are also able to express their brand’s market positioning and core values: this is particularly the case in the beverage industry, where water is often treated like a commodity. This is where the idea came from to create the Luxo PET Line, which imitates the deluxe appearance of glass yet offers a range of added advantages that are welcomed by production departments, such as the fact that bottles are unbreakable, light and cost-effective. Our customers’ main requirement is to make their packaging stand out in order to enhance its content. This is something that glass, the material traditionally used for the HoReCa sector, can only achieve to a limited extent. In fact, glass simply doesn’t offer the infinite customisation possibilities that are instead guaranteed by PET. What’s more, PET also allows for the creation of infinite shapes, decorations and colours, all at a low cost in terms of both the creation of new packaging and its production, storage and transportation.
Production Technology
The shade effect was created using the multilayer technology, usually used for giving protection to sensitive product such as milk and juices. In cooperation with Husky Injection Moulding System we used this technology to put colors in the mid-layer in order to get, when stretched through the blowing process, a shade that goes from the bottom to the top in order to avoid expensive total body sleeve and the machine to apply it. The overcap developed with LaBrenta is assembled using NGS technology, meaning that no glue is used. The overcap is designed to fit perfectly over standard caps. In fact, the cover has been created to interlock with the ridges on the standard cap's surface. This allows for total grip, preventing the cover from moving and stopping the two pieces from rotating in opposite directions. The cap and the cover therefore remain perfectly attached to each other.
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