Tanyue Mansion (Public Space) by Kris Lin
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
As a high point in the history of Chinese literature, Song Dynasty was the most prosperous period of aesthetic and literary development. Su Shi is a famous poet in Song Dynasty, one of his most famous words is Sudi Chunxiao describes the landscape of the West Lake in Hangzhou, which is the site of this project. In order to integrate the aesthetic and literary elements of Song Dynasty into the interior space. The designer took many different approaches during the design of this museum.
In the definition of space, the designer starts by defining the most basic elements of indoor space. The wall is an opaque space defining element in the general public perception. However, in the pavilion of Tanyue Mansion, the wall became an element which contains characteristics of transparency and luminous with traditional Chinese culture.
Design Challenges
Use the traditional process of seal to complete ceiling design. The ceiling part is decorated by hanging scrolls, these scrolls forming a full Sudi Chunxiao. It seems like One word One Chinese seal in the Beauty Museum of Song Dynasty. Thus, the ceiling consists of a piece of the Sudi Chunxiao. Secondly, in the definition of space, the designer starts by defining the most basic elements of indoor space.
Production Technology
This is the public space of residential community, the overall design style is contemporary with Oriental flavor, so in the choice of materials, our design director adopts modern materials into the whole design, such as silver hole stone Mosaic for the folding screen, with a kind of woven fabric texture, it will presents the Chinese traditional culture. The area of Waiting leisure with sofa, we combined interior and outdoor water features into together, the combination of pursuit is a kind of cultural atmosphere, to achieve the integration of indoor and outdoor.
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