Kashan Necklace (Jewelry) by Anousha Razavi
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
A mesmerizing collection inspired by the heavenly ceiling in the Kashan Bazar, an ancient city known for its’ beauty in architecture and art. This collection in 18k yellow gold, diamonds, tourmalines, Swiss blue topaz, amethysts and London blue topaz is inspired by details of the Grand Bazaar’s dome in the city of Kashan. In the ancient architecture, ceilings were known to be the passage from earth to the heavens. This Collection of jewelry captures the flower one sees looking up at the heavens in the central dome. Similar to the stained glass used in the mosaics, all stones used in this collection were hand cut and hand set within the handcrafted pieces of jewelry and finished with a sprinkle of diamonds. This collection brings design and architecture together in a vibrant array of wearable art in form of jewelry.
The most interesting property of the design is the inspiration of the collection and how the design mimic the spiritual emotions of the inspiration. Other unique properties of the collection include unique stone cutting technique that minimizes the margin of error as well as the setting techniques. Each stone's color works with all others to create to sense of harmony and balance. The spirituality when looking at the domes is what we were trying to bring into a piece of jewelry.
Design Challenges
The design process Challenge for this collection was to bring a sense of spirituality to a piece of jewelry that mimics the sensation one feels looking up at the dome in Kashan. A technical difficulty during the production was to have 0% margin of error in stone cutting, as each stone needs to fit in its own setting perfectly. Just like stained glass mosaics, all the stones are set without showing any bezels or Prongs and without the use of Glue.The stones look like an extension of the gold, set perfectly between the lines of gold and diamonds.
Production Technology
Materials are 18k Gold, Special hand cut gemstones such as London blue topaz, Amethyst, Swiss Blue topaz and Turmalines. The Stones and the gold pieces were all initially created on 3d programs, 3d printed and casted to be used as a mold. The stones are then hand cut using advance cutting technologies.
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