Wine Credenza Ii (Table) by Sung Jae Han
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
As our standard of living is improving, so does conveniences. As the essential meaning of culture is being forgotten, however, it seems that it is improving only quantitatively. This work accomplishes two purpose. First is the pleasure to think about what to choose fully before drinking one of them, having various bottles of wine. Second is the playful pleasure to move those wines in person and it is combined with the use of a table on which you can put the bottle of wine to drink.
The Wine credenza II is a fusion between a table and a wine holder. The rails and metal frames in the table holds the wine, and users can get one of these by turning the handle. Users will enjoy the process of turning the wine. Users do not just appreciate the work visually, but they use it directly and become the medium of communication between the artist and the user.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge is rotating part. I studied the mechanism of rotating part and handle. I rendered a lot of models and I focused on fixing the wine holder so that it did not shake while working. And after I made it, I checked to see if it was easy for users to use.
Production Technology
Main material is walnut wood and plywood of birch. Inside the table, gears and chains and other structures are made of stainless steel and brass, and the cover of holder is glass. The picture of steel frame of holder is marked with the help of laser engraving machine.The main wood part of the table is actually each part of the cut wood, bond each layer, sharpen the edges with the grinder and sander.
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