Construct Fashion (Fashion Project) by ‪Mor Nov‬‏
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
For inspiration to my project I've chosen the Art Deco style. I’m very much inspired by geometric forms which are the essence of Art Deco. Most of my ideas come from interior and industrial designs as well as from architecture.
My intention in this project is to give clothing a new character of objects and buildings by developing new patterns and using stiff synthetics textiles. In addition, I want to present innovative designs which demonstrate a precise combination of art and fashion. It merges an earlier design aesthetics with a new point of view which brings it to an outcome of an unusual design and fascinating fashion.
Design Challenges
One of my difficulties was finding the fabrics which suit the sensation I wanted my garments to provide, I was looking for unique colors as well as stiff fabric to create the desired volumes. Another difficulty was the sewing, because as much as I needed the stiff fabric it was very complicated to sew the pieces together, because of the complicated patterns and the thickness.
Production Technology
The core of the production is in the patterns. In order to turn my visions into practice I developed patterns that create the desirable volumes and silhouettes, and used several different synthetic fabrics, some of them I've stiffened.
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