Vanke Future Town (Demonstration Area) by Jiujiang Fan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Inspired by Chinese traditional bridges, the designers apply its structural beauty to the project after studying these traditional bridges and hand modelling their long span structure constructed of short timbers, as a tribute to the traditional Chinese craftsmanship. As in this project, the bridge structure is introduced into the large scale exhibition space, as a piece of expressive element to be viewed from below, as a demonstration of Vanke's technical strength and value. It is also reflected in the water patio in front of the main space.
Located by the Yunlong Lake in Xuzhou, occupying over a million square metres, the launched project Vanke Future Town is a grand community with abundant landscape resources, wherein the demonstration area, as the first set of architectures to make an entrance to the land, will set the tone for the whole ongoing project. The sales exhibition centre (which will later be converted into a community centre) is designed to be in proportion with and reflects the vast scale of Future Town and the geographical structure of the city.
Design Challenges
The authenticity of the structure and the recreation of the spatial impression have been discussed repeatedly in the studio as the project progresses. As we attempted to apply the structure as a ceiling that acts as a part of a force bearing structure, its stiffness and bearing capacity has gone through calculation to meet the requirements. However, the force bearing structure it forms with a group of pillars is still not able to resist lateral force when being up in mid air. In addition, in our original proposal, the glass curtain walls with group of glass ribs was adopted, which was suspended from the timber structure ceiling.
Production Technology
Small spaces for the entrance hall, screening rooms, separate meeting rooms and rear services, etc., is compressed into the east wing, ensuring a single piece of large scale space for exhibition in the main building. This layout has granted the main building an open floor plan to achieve the multiple functions that it requires for exhibitions and as a community centre. Meanwhile, the abundant glazing of the facade gives views out to the city, reducing the architectural volume as it connects with the external space, enhancing its public characteristic.
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