The Artistic Center (Interior Design) by Sarah Yan
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Blending the geographical conditions and contemporary art history, the designer shows people’s craving for living environment by displaying delicate design skills in exquisite space. Consistent with traditional and current design styles, the architectural logic unveils its perfection ubiquitously from every component of the space, such as the gallery on the second floor in which the classic charm interacts firmly with modern technology.
Distinguishing from general design styles, the design plan presents genuine artistic characteristic, of which the classic western-and-oriental integration and modern elegancy have constituted into the power of life. As the real estate developer, China Railway Construction Real Estate Group Co., LTD (CRCCRE) demonstrates its precise design ideas to different spaces accordingly, ranging from public to personal areas.
Design Challenges
Inspired from French and Japan paints, the designer establishes the pleasant residential environment with the application of Asian-style colors, illuminations and construction materials.
Production Technology
In the public area, the magnificent hall illustrates the fantastic imagination about forthcoming residency. The oriental application of glass craft on the ceiling symbolizes the aesthetic evolution from tradition to modern. Commencing from the French style to Art Nouveau and then Art Deco, the aesthetic progress has helped the designer find exclusive design style.
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