Shenzhen Energy Renovation (Waste to Energy Power Plant) by Peijun Ye,Tongtong Hui-Hayer Design Ltd.
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
In Chinese traditional culture, people worship nature, therefore Chinese artists liked to describe and praise nature in their paintings and poetry. The site of this project is among the mountains in Yantian district, Shenzhen. The main idea comes from water. The white perforated plates made facade appear like a waterfall dropping down from the high mountains. As a result, the architecture is an exquisite element in the natural environment.
The purpose of this project is to renovate the facade of the main plant and the environment of the factory. Most power plants in China are traditional, huge in size and with no decoration or design. They usually have a big roof and an ordinary chimney. The client wanted us to change the past impression of the power plant with its decades of history and reacquaint it with modern times. Our design starts from the high chimney. We tried to make it a unique landmark in the surrounding environment with no abruptness. The high chimney and main power plant are covered by continuing white perforated plates from top down. The winding shape and pure white color makes it strong and elegant, especially by nightfall when all the lights are on -no one believes it to be a power plant.
Design Challenges
For a plant which has been working for 13 years, first, we should guarantee it can work as normal during renovation. Thus, we studied the special production process requirements, the original structure of the plant and the client’s requirements of visiting circulation. Second, with the facade design, we unified the outdoor landscape design. Finally, we established with clients and related technical personnel a deep understanding in the effective implementation of design concepts, making the project after delivery in accord with human nature and sustainable development.
Production Technology
By using an independent steel structure and perforated aluminum plates, we tried to rebuild the facade. Perforated aluminum plates are fireproof, have good rigidity, and are corrosion resistant. They can resist wind, sun, acid rain and other corrosions. It also has a long service life. Using this material makes the façade more light and transparent, thus abandoning the factory's original heavy stiff image.
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