Neuro 2 (Hearing Aid) by Oticon Medical A/S
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
The intention when designing Neuro 2 was to create a premium cochlear implant sound processor with a high quality and durability. This meant creating smooth surfaces in high quality materials and eliminating unnecessary parting lines in the design. The aim was additionally to design a compact device, which was aesthetically attractive and had a good ergonomic fit behind the ear.
Neuro 2 is a cochlear implant sound processor. One of the most revolutionary aspects of Neuro 2 is its small size, achieved without compromising quality or functionality. Size is especially important for children with hearing loss, as a big sound processor easily becomes bulky and uncomfortable on the ear. The organic shape of the Neuro 2 sound processor has been designed to comfortably match the contours of the ear. This means it fits snugly behind the ear, which makes it both comfortable and discreet.
Design Challenges
The most significant challenge in designing Neuro 2 was to reach the small and compact design without compromising the strength and reliability of the product. To reach this compact design a great design challenge existed in finding ways of fitting in the electrical and mechanical components and connecting them to each other in the most optimized way. An additional design challenge have been to examine different wall thicknesses and materials to reach this compact design.
Production Technology
The highest level of craftsmanship has gone into each and every detail of Neuro 2 with the aim of making it thin and small, but at the same time robust and reliable. Neuro 2 has undergone extensive testing so it complies with the highest safety standards. A hardwearing hydrophobic repellent coating, effectively protects the sensitive electronic board and its components so users do not need to worry if they are caught in a rain shower or accidentally splashed.
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