Whale (Spoon) by Roberto Stein
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
Observing my 1,5 year old daughter and other infants eating soup it was obvious that the tilting on normal spoons was responsible for the spilling. After 12 years of product development and testing, the shape of the spoon and the special cavity was optimized. The shape of the silicone spoon is smartly engineered to provide soft and stiffer areas according to the function.
The Whale-Spoon is ideal for the first self-feeding of soups. The special cavity prevents the spilling when being back- and side-tilted while the soft material makes it easy to withdraw all the food out of the spoon. It is safe to the gum and face when miss-hitting. The shape of the body adapts perfectly to small hands. The softness of the tip allows scooping all the food. Resting on the fins it will not touch the table. The tail is used for feeding firm foods. Babies love it as a teether.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to create safe prototypes which could be tested on infants without any risk.
Production Technology
Made of 100 percent food grade silicone. The spoon complies with American FDA and German LFGB standards and is BPA free. It is made to last being practicably indestructible.
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