Ges 2 (Center For Multimedia Arts) by Mariia Lipina
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Approach for transformation of building to public space for a modern culture is founded, first of all, on understanding of historical value of this building. Building built in 1904 is now chocked up by annexes, and lost the primary look. A project is returned in building by former sense of space, pranging all new partitions and dismantling an old industrial equipment, but leaving historical elements here, saving memory about a place.
The idea of transformation of former power-station in the center of multimedia art implies maintenance of building as shells and introduction in his space of new volume that delicately will unite with existent space. A construction is presented by a few rectangular containers and divided by three levels. Halls into containers plug in itself temporal mobile installations, in that can be contained text, graphic and video information, and also, possibility of the interactive co-operating with her.
Design Challenges
When working on a design it was needed to settle a conflict between difficult, massive historical architecture and new independent architectural volume.There was a necessity equip and complicate monotonous transit space of power-station and not overload it.The solution was to design the exposition space as an insert. This technique was chosen to step back, build an absolutely independent space that does not conflict with the historical architecture.On a visual level, the new object manifests anonymity at the expense monolithic solutions the outer shell.
Production Technology
Were selected materials, that would combine with existing structural elements of building - light-emitting-diode tubes of different size, concrete and thin folias of black metal.New concrete floor does not touch walls and saves polite distance from the historical elements of building.On two facades of central container there are holes and in these places a sheet-metal is bended as a petal.Such reception creates feeling of relief on the surface of boxing.These holes get on the third level of container (atrium) and give an opportunity to the visitors to consider majestic industrial building from every quarter.
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