Uooyaa (Office) by Alex Xie
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
We hope to create an image of an unfinished site by using the scaffoldings as an key elements. This unfinished state of mind helps remind people to stay simple and humble, focused and determined, yet open and curious. We hope the Unfinished space we created can be the extension of the brand spirit owned by the client, and speaks to every visitor who walks into the office.
UOOYAA is a rising fashion brand of ladies apparels. The brand itself is a gift from the founding designer to his daughter, to inspire her, and every girl, to stay liberal, authentic, and fun. We hope to bring out the same brand spirit through the design of the office space.
Design Challenges
Taking into account the chaotic exterior environment of the old industrial area, we arranged several greenery spots around the front desk where close to the main entrance and the external wall windows. The greeneries have become a transition area from outdoor to indoor.
Production Technology
For the choice of facade material, we used a lot of polycarbonate hollow board as space partitions. We tailored transparent and translucent plates of various height. By doing that we maximised construction effectiveness without compromising lighting and sound insulation quality.
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