Yalong Place (Sales Centre) by Zhide Liang
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The Sales Center of Huahao Yalong Place is nestling at the foot of a mountain, providing distant mountain views and beautiful surrounding landscape. The design aims to revitalize the excellent Chinese architectural culture and the traditional aesthetic values by achieving ultimate refinement to present the essence or achieving simplicity so as to create innovative elements.
The design realizes a soulful outlook at the spiritual totem, an elaborate performance of building ancient architecture with new design approaches. From magnificence to pristine and refined beauty, from grandeur and solemnity to brightness and touching, their integration has created a harmonious spatial ambiance which is, to some extent, akin to the Forbidden City located in the North China.
Design Challenges
In addition to passing on the flame of civilization, we hope that it can grant old traditions a young heroic spirit, introduce rhythms of the nature and ingenuity of the creator which stretches across thousands of miles, so that charms of the history and refinement of the art together produce magnificence and elegance of the space.
Production Technology
Under the dignified roof exists an elegant space. The luxury temperament of the furnishings cannot be concealed by their pristine appearance. Whereas classic romance emerges from the innermost recesses of their souls, reinforcing the noble and refined lifestyle.
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