Cascade Collection (Washbasin) by Organización Corona
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
Cascade refers to the natural flow of water. The cascade is the inspiring element, a place where water acquires strength and power. The water becomes a molder element instead of a moldable one, it goes from material to instrument, with its natural fall the water obtains energy, and through time, the ability to transform harder materials.
The Cascade washbasin collection is a family of products brought in three different setup configurations: undermounted, overmounted and vessel. Inspired by the strength of the waterfall, the design makes an emphasis on the perceived quality. The thick walls and subtle lines give it a bold and refined appearance. The hallmark of these products is a flowing line, a single journey around the product that ends in the characteristic falling movement of the cascade, hinting a slight gesture towards the user.
Design Challenges
The Cascade concept was a challenge for reaching the right appeal, as robust designs tend to mimic old fashion styles. Moreover, the vessel washbasin thick walls and the variable thickness of the overmounted design demanded a new technic to put the products in the kiln and achieve a perfect vitreous finish.
Production Technology
the Cascade washbasin collection uses 2 different types of techniques for making the products. One is a high-pressure technology from Porvair PLC; in this method, a resin mold is used. The second technique is called BMC (Banco de Moldes Colgandes, in English: banks hanging molds) with plaster molds, this method is implemented to form the vessel design.
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