Dongziguan (Affordable Housing) by Fanhao Meng
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The project seeks to organize the form of the buildings in the vernacular style of a courtyard typology, a local traditional urban morphology. Architects firstly conducted an investigation to communicate with different families for their living habits, and then design the plan layout based on the information gained. The buildings are designed in a vernacular language with detailed considerations to the roof. The traditional dual-slope roof is developed into continuous slope roof asymmetrically.
The design intention is dedicated to the preservation of the vernacular morphology of rural settlements and resists the current widely-criticized Chinese residential highrises. Also we fights for the best building quality within the very low budget and explores contemporary ways of representing local traditional architectural characteristics. This project opens the dialogue of how the architects can help build and improve the countryside with the support from the government.
Design Challenges
How to design and construct quality housing for relocalized farmers with a very low budget, while maintaining their original lifestyle of collective living is the major challenge. Taking the modern transformation of traditional language and the local expression of industrialization as design guidelines, architects use field work to seek the first-hand information. It is planned to reproduce the diversity of the traditional villages through the four basic units. Facade does not stick to the traditional residential symbols, but uses the modern design language to abstract the roof lines.
Production Technology
The design for construction drawings explores the best usage of the brick, steel and glass to ensure the best thermal and ventilation performance. The 24cm brick wall is equipped with waterproof coating and hollow glass and the solid wall varies at the place of stairs with staggered pattern. The roof cantilever out aesthetically reminds the vernacular architectural style in Hangzhou, functionally as part of the shelter considering Hangzhou has a raining season.
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