Ibm Bluemix Availability Monitoring (Software Application) by IBM Design
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Information Technologies Design Award Winner
IBM Bluemix Availability Monitoring is a software service that lets developers easily monitor the health and performance of their applications. Traditional application monitoring tools force developers to undergo tedious configuration steps and a high learning curve, costing time and money. IBM BAM is designed to easily integrate into existing developer processes and monitor their application’s performance. This tool is focused on the pain points that developers experience with their existing tools, and how to better merge our users with the software tools they are already using.
Traditional application monitoring tools force developers to undergo tedious manual configuration in order setup the tool in the infrastructure they own. Bluemix Availability Monitoring (BAM) was designed to make this setup easy and to save time for users. BAM offers a number of features including easy performance insights, troubleshooting, and response time monitoring that helps developers easily identify the pain points of their user's as they use their apps. They can quickly see when their apps are down and address the problem to get them up and running again. This saves time and money since they spend less time on troubleshooting and repair, and also maintains customer satisfaction. Developers ultimately spend less tie fixing errors and more time building their apps.
Design Challenges
A big challenge with BAM was to create an app that seamlessly integrated with the existing workflow and tools that developers already used. We wanted to have a low barrier for entry into using our product, and therefore easy setup and integration, while maintaining high quality design, was key to creating BAM.
Production Technology
Sketch App, React, d3
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