Nissan X-Trail (Brochure) by Tomohira Kodama
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Winner
A genuine SUV should have an authentic perspective. Targeted customers are people who enjoy the thrill of outdoor sports, so we tried to create a brochure that makes them realize the X-trail offers perspectives unreachable with any other cars.
This brochure is intended to make customers values evolve in the way they see the X-trail. By showing real scenes of outdoor sports, and aerial views of extreme sceneries, we tried to grasp readers attention on the “cool” factor of this brochure.
Design Challenges
Needed to create a brochure calling up an image of real thrill and enjoyment of outdoor sports. Under this concept, the X-Trail brochure was developed with consistency. In that sense, our creative challenge was to have a refresh with the minor change made. As values of the car evolved, our creative needed to be evolved as well. Traveled across the country for location selection to shoot. Depicted reality by bringing in an actual vehicle to each environment and using top athletes to create realistic sensation. In addition, created a tremendous impact by using the most of page space to show the vehicle and applied a new innovative method to develop copies. Our watchword for this brochure creation was to impress the targeted customers who challenge outdoor sports seriously.
Production Technology
To depict reality of the most powerful SUV in key visuals, an actual vehicle was used for the shooting in the actual environment and tried to capture each moment of the car running. Had top athletes performed for the outdoor sports scenes and tried to capture each moment of their movement. Spent about 2 months travelling from Hokkaido (northern part of Japan, where the temperature dropped to 20 degrees below zero) to Kyushu (southern part of Japan) for shootings. Depicted X-Trail’s evolved values with two Kanji characters representing “Invincibility”, “Ultimate”, “Universal” and “Versatility”. Developed innovative copies communicating the X-Trail’s high potential to people who look at this immediately.
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