Comed (Residence) by Andrea Daemon
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Blue like the sky appears the residental during the day, during the afterglow it becomes red and in darkness the facade is floral patterned. Because the CoMED façade is like a chameleon it looks so different to others. The use of the every day natural spectacle pared with the shape itself makes the residential totally unique. In that way the facade has a social benefit too, because it variegates the cityscape. The skin of aluminium panels which reflect the sky dematerialize the volume of the 4-storied house with garage, which is all in one. The plot demanded to work with different levels outdoor in order to have on every indoor livingarea the benefit of the own city-garden. Nature is written in big capitals by doing this design: Green as lawn in the main garden, as a courtyard tree which makes possible to take the shower in the treetop and as a small but worthful roofgarden in front of the recreation area only for the parents. We designed fixed outdoor facilities for using during the whole year because weather is changing rapidly and also in winter there are some sunny days over 10 degrees. The garden is southern and with this facilities good to use over the whole year. The whole façade to the garden is made of glass. Big sliding doors connect indoor with the valuable city-green - with a big recreation area made of panels of concrete, the poolarea with outdoor-shower and the gardenkitchen. The huge windows on every level let the residents feel the surrounding. Plants are growing next to the door areas. The aslope plot gives the inspiration for all the inclined surface in order to manage all the different height-limitations.
The house is sitting like a jumping facility on top of the plot and it´s pool area is docked on the southern (garden-)side next to the living room one split level underneath. The projecting pool is connected with a balcony on the 4 storied house. Because the southern terrain is one level under street, the cellar is bright and off the maingarden, only one split level under waterlevel of the pool. The task was to merge softly the residence with pool in the surrounding natural slope.
Design Challenges
The challenge was to set modern architecture in an area with so called ordinary houses. The hardest work was to persuade the style of the projecting pool on it´s level next to the living area. The building process was energy-sapping. This kind of shape doesn´t tolerate mistakes and imprecision. For our employers the shape was nearly too complex to imagine how it will be in real but they trust in us. The outcome of this was that many times while the house was built it was like christmas. We were right with our keen sense of design and did the right decisions. Melting together of the outside and inside areas without changing the natural terrain on this sloped plot was the reason to design the folding garden sculpture in white to use the difference in altitude and create areas for sitting and plant areas with in between the required stairways.
Production Technology
Basement and pool are made of concrete, the overground areas are made with steel skeleton and plywood building elements with a dress of aluminium composite panels. Trapezum panels cover the insolated construction. Some of them are sloped and creates a smooth transformation from horizontal to vertical. Like this way of doing, some parts like the roofed entrance, the balcony on southwest are generated out of the volume of the house.
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