Sattva (Residence) by co.lab Design studio
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design was inspired by specific geography of the site. We extracted relevant elements, motifs, materials and symbols, which when reassembled are represented in the design creating new meaning and experiences for the inhabitant. The curtain design is inspired bu the beauty of surrounding landscape. Use of concrete lights along with it replicates birds flying along and finally the cushions with hand-woven pattern of branches and fruits of banyan add a topping to the space.
Spatial memories are created which are fleeting yet vivid, a fusion of the real and the imaged, always uncertain, and unique. The parametrically designed stick wall in home theater acts as the acoustical surface at the same time it adds a pinch of glamour to the space. The customised lights, wall arts & textiles are treated as individual objects that fit into the whole design. The design solution was to embrace the scale as required, while creating a warm ambiance for the inhabitant
Design Challenges
The challenge was to get the imprints of nature into the house and not being very loud at it. It had to maintain the calmness and serene behavior of nature. Further, designing the home theater acoustically sound yet balance the subtle character was a demanding task.
Production Technology
The design was inspired from the surroundings and the main criteria was to create a multi-generation house that suited all the members of the house. The materials that were mostly favored were timber, concrete, steel and natural textiles. Earthy tones helped correlate to the surroundings and nature as well as reciprocate to the client's identity.
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