Falling Water (Interactive Installations) by Naai-Jung Shih
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
The water drops represent the wishes people make every day. Wishes should be chained just like the water drops in a waterfall. A careful observation of a waterfall can find out that each branch of wall behaviors slightly different from each other. The dynamic essence of a waterfall can be illustrated and preserved if people can target a branch and make it running in different locations.
The combination of cubes and beaded stream present a contrast of static object and dynamic flow. The interaction between them creates a visual effect associated with sounds. The whole setting can be pulled to see beads running or just put on a table as a scene of frozen water.
Design Challenges
To put a scene or a metaphor into a physical model was a challenge in the beginning. To make a perfect order of the cubes was another in creating depth and hierarchy of the metaphor as wishes. The path must be running smoothly before or after routing in different ways. The size of beads has to be selected carefully. Purchasing beads and putting a string through simply did not work because beads would stick together and would not run. Distance between two beads has to be maintained constantly. A variety of colors and textures were tested.
Production Technology
The cubes were made by a 3D printer. Each part of cube has to be smooth enough to ensure a smooth flow. A research was conducted in parametrically creating the cube with holes that enable a smooth flow of beaded stream. The 3D mathematic program k3dsurf was used to create the original shape which was a 3D model with no thickness. This model was thickened and smoothened using another 3D program Geomagic Studio.
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