Guilin (Environment Cleansing Lamp) by Kevin Chu
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired the by beautiful cascading mountains of Guilin in China and a famous chinese poetry that says "Foolish man moves Mountains". What this poem means is that with perseverance one can achieve any task even when no one believes them. Our lamp hopes to inspire a new generation of environment cleansing design and remind the importance of nature to us.
Inspired the by beautiful cascading mountains of Guilin in China, the lamp is composed of a base that has 3 equal length slots allowing for Photocatalytic coated acrylic "mountains" to placed in random as the user wishes. These mountains can be taken out easily and compose entirely based on the user. Just like the mountains, they are helping to rejuvenate our environment and remind us on how we are intertwined with nature. The special photocatalytic treatment works with any light and wind during the day and when night falls, the illumination of the lamp will continue the cleansing process.
Design Challenges
As with most of our design customization is the key and we wanted the concept to change easily via the user. Also accessories has to be implemented conveniently and the concept need to relate to the constant changes of nature and our planet.
Production Technology
The movable mountains are laser cut acrylic with light grooves and photocatalytically treated. The base is sand blasted steel finish with embedded Led light trough that illuminates the mountains while also activating the air cleansing function of the lamp.
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