Cabin On a Rock (Weekend Residence) by I-Kanda Architects
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The cabin was initially conceived as a weekend getaway for two. However, the two quickly developed to become a family of three, then four. The growing needs of the young family required maximizing the footprint while responding to the limited availability of granite on which to build. The faceted geometry of the cabin reflects this evolution, a form that is both elemental yet appears to be in constant transformation depending on the vantage point. It is shaped both by its surroundings and by its occupants, making a lasting connection between what is there and what is to come.
For the owner of a company specializing in making superior cocktail sodas out of only authentic ingredients, it was imperative that the design for a weekend retreat be equally authentic. The cabin perches precariously over a steep drop off in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, affording dramatic views across the valley below. The structure is lifted on nine hand poured concrete footings, a system selected to tread lightly on the sloped site by embracing the granite topography.
Design Challenges
This project presents an alternative take on the conception that prefabrication simply allows one to do the same for cheaper. Here, prefabrication is used to do more for the cost of conventional construction. Enhanced by skewed geometries and bold angles, the end product is fully customized, both for the client and for the site.
Production Technology
As a potential prototype for future mass production, the design and construction were empowered by prefabrication technologies and techniques. This allowed a freedom to explore complex geometries which were then clad with conventional building materials such as standing-seam aluminum panels and tongue-and-groove cedar boards.
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