Yuli Design Studio (Interior Design-Office) by YULI DESIGN
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
In fact, previous lighting of the houses in Wennan Rd. is the one-sided back-to-back long and narrow type, so it is impossible to introduce natural lighting to the rear part of the house. This makes us to hope to introduce more lighting and keep the indoor and outdoor space connected at the same time.Besides, another aim is to build a fun interior design workshop that cuts the distance given to the business between clients and designers, which not only makes the business seen but also intrigues the latent clients.
In Taiwan ,various shop signs full everywhere . Upright, horizontal, uneven height of the signs led to the building facade design can not see. So we want to change that. The appearance of a large area of the building facade design combined with the "punching plate" translucent effect to retain the privacy and visible , the light with a variety of angles have their own posture, breaking the previous open lighting design, in this old street, it seems new. For the old house re-positioning.
Design Challenges
The interior design includes the sense of life in the space. The unnecessary decorative materials are cut. The raw ground is exposed boldly.
Production Technology
Titanium coating stainless steel Punch plate (aluminum) Bianco carrara (white marble) Laminate hard plastic sheet (magnetic) Engineered veneer Bologna carpet Indian nero portoro (black marble) Laminate hard plastic sheet Plant wall Tiles Oval engineered stone Bird-shape mirror Leaf-shape copper plate / copper bars
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