Minimbike (Exercise Bicycle) by José Manuel Mateo Hernández
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Winner
Minimbike flees from the mechanical and impersonal stereotypes that make up the vast majority of this type of exercising bicycles. Its design tries to surprise and empathize with users. A beautiful product to be placed in our daily spaces, which integrates technology, ergonomics, functionality and efficiency.
We can highlight its continuous and compact chassis made of a single piece of plastic material. This is an aesthetic and also structural value solution. Protagonist elements such as the forks and the mechanical drum allow a good stability, but it also happens to be his most striking features, turning the Minimbike into an object of desire, and with a great sculptural value.
Design Challenges
Our challenge has been definitely to design and manufacture a static bicycle that, not only mechanically and electronically satisfies the current technological needs of the sector but also its aesthetic proposal allows the product to perfectly share the user’s usual space becoming part of its routine. The product has a sculptural language that invites you to place it in domestic spaces where it acquires great prominence and relevance. The result has been possible by designing the bicycle to be manufactured in a single piece of plastic that allows this organic language and a continuous and controlled shape.
Production Technology
Minimbike is designed entirely; from its pedals to its height control regulators. The main body is manufactured by cold molding, in a single piece of plastic in which subsequently the other elements are assembled. This production system facilitates the bike’s production, because it is fast and it guarantees a high quality of finishes with less resources. This is a technological milestone that, with an utility patent, is one of the great technological innovations of the product. The handlebar, which is made of integral polyurethane, has a very soft and pleasant touch and its design allows several positions of use. The saddle is upholstered in a single piece of plastic leather, which has the same intention of minimizing in order to achieve a compact product.
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