Little Houses (Sensory Play Space Divider) by Neringa Orlenok
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Winner
This project was inspired by the fact that all children want their own space at home and they try to create it by putting blankets on various domestic things. The mane form of panels is little house, and with 5 panels you can create your own house at home. There also are big and small holes. Big holes are abstract windows and doors and small ones are for various sensory activity, decoration and for object lightness. Possibility to move panels around gives freedom to create your own shapes.
Little Houses is a unique modular space divider made for furnishing any early childhood learning environment and create different activity zones in any child-centered setting. Sensory Play Space Divider helps developing sensory skills, fine motor skills, self-expression and imagination, communication skills, aesthetics and raise imaginative children. Every panel of this divider can rotate 330 degree, and folds flat when it’s not used. There is 685 holes for various sensory activity.
Design Challenges
When we created this divider we have a vision, that this object has to be minimalistic, abstract and would be a perfect base for creative young minds to flourish. The biggest challenge was - hinge. Majority of existing ready made hinges are rough, cold metal, industrial and we wanted that this one would be as as less noticeable as possible and has as little interest as possible for the small ones and I think we succeeded. Also interesting and creative challenge was little hols pattern and big hols positioning, because these hols are the main thing in this object. We wanted that this play space divider would be functional, interesting and inviting to investigate.
Production Technology
Sensory play space divider is made using CNC milling machine to cut panels from laminated plywood. Very important part is hand made assambly and finishing touches by sanding every 685 little holes for pleseant feeling. The hinge is special made for this divider, and that hinge allows panels move to both sides and fold flat.
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