Gul Ahmed (Office) by Sarah Najmi Bilgrami
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The inspiration in designing the Interior for Pakistan’s leading and largest textile companies Gul Ahmad, was two fold, to create a design the reflects the rich heritage of a company that has grown over three generations showing history, elegance and richness through the use of materials, while in parallel reflecting to all the inhabitants of the space how environmentally conscious the company is by creating an internalised forest and green space
The Office uses unique marbles and stone, each cut / book matched articulately to emphasize key accent walls leading you into a central focal board room. The board room acts as the bridge tying the two halves of the office. The left being the director suites, the right the management workstations.  The conference room as the central node has been created to reflect a forest. To enter or leave you must walk through a lush plantation of large trees, engulfed in delicate wood and brass lattice works around a glass cube. The interior has openness and transparency, maximizing natural light and views out from the 23rd floor. The entire interior uses glass walls with delicate lattice work to emphasize an interactive work environment.
Design Challenges
Creating a forest on the 23rd floor of an office building, while still ensuring effective office space and essential requirements for conducting business are efficiently maintained.
Production Technology
Materials include marble, brass, wooden paneling and reflective PU ceiling.
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