Channel (Bowl) by David Collins
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
Everyday objects like the bowl are often overlooked without challenging their usability. As an industrial designer, I noticed moments during meal times that made me question the bowl’s basic form and functionality like my wife struggling to scoop soup one-handed while holding our toddler. It was important to keep the standard high for both functionality and aesthetic. The Channel Bowl enhances meal times, and enhances any table setting with exquisite form and finish.
The Channel Bowl is the evolution of the everyday bowl. It is the first bowl with an innovative center channel which enhances scooping and sipping. Everything from the form to the finish was thoughtfully considered. The lovely high gloss interior provides a smooth surface for scooping and sipping. The soft matte dimpled exterior creates better grip and beautiful form. The Channel Bowl stands out for both function and aesthetic.
Design Challenges
When crafting the form of The Channel Bowl it was important to maintain a proper wall thickness. The interior channel scoops through the center of the bowl. So we kept the wall of the bowl thick enough not to crack when in the kiln, yet thin enough to keep the weight of the bowl manageable.
Production Technology
The only ceramic production method that would allow a unique form on both the interior and exterior was ram pressing. Designing with form following function in mind became challenging when accounting for the many different wall thicknesses within the bowl, especially the minimum wall thickness requirement. For example the pill shaped logo portion on the base allowed the channel depth on the interior to be maximized.
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