Santaren (Rum Bottle) by Beatriz Suarez
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
A narrative design inspired by old engraving graphics. In search of its own personality, the design of Santaren moves away from tendencies to approach the treatment of ancient Alchemy books. In the same way that the rum waits patient 10 years its aging, this bottle is immersed in ancient tradition.
Santaren is the result of the silent, dark, patient maceration of plants and spices. A delicately spiced gourmet rum, it represents the coming together of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the River Demerara. In this project, the clear objective was to make the design eminently original, to endow the bottle with all the elegance, personality and refinement of the liquid it contains, a liquid serenely distilled, full of feeling and history.
Design Challenges
Decisions regarding the amount of narrative that was to be included in the label, there being such a story in the name itself, took up many hours in the creative process. Once the story had been formed, the greatest challenge came with the illustration, which employed ancient printing techniques and digital illustration. These two combined perfectly and produced excellent results. The choice of types of paper and finish is also an essential part of the project: it expresses its proud character through cotton-like textures, stamping and embossing.
Production Technology
Digitally printed pure cotton paper label, gold foil stamping, embossing and puff ink.
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