Citiport (Public Transportation Vehicle) by Anadolu Isuzu Design Team
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
Citiports main usage area is inner city, which makes citizens final customers. Designers focused on a human oriented designing approach. Communities for groups with disadvantages were frequently visited to understand their concerns better, which led to improvement of accessibility. Equal joy for every individual, comfort, safety and ergonomic were the core focused values of Citiport. Dynamic and strong design language defines the characteristics of Citiport
Citiports side line below the window is lowered which enables interior to be more spacious and bright. This also gives the wheelchair users to have a better trip experience. Sliding indicator from front to the side is simplifying the visibility of the panel. Installed audio induction loop system enables implant or hearing aid users to be able to hear audible informations loud and clear. Extreme conditions first aid kit with defibrillator, emergency blanket, oropharyngeal airway, ambu bag.
Design Challenges
Working and sharing experiences with a health care company while defining the content of the extreme conditions first aid kit was challenging. Designing the side line of the bus in a stylish and dynamic way at a place where it had always been produced in a conventional way was another challenge. While doing this, we added some very important values for all range of users.
Production Technology
As being the one of the lightest vehicles of its size, it is durable for many years. The vehicle was tested in proving ground for accelerated fatigue test in order to simulate 750000 km customer usage. The vehicles chassis and main structural elements are made out of steel and aluminum. Structure supports outer shell which is sheet metal, fiber reinforced polymer and tempered glass according to its placement and form. Inner surfaces has varying materials and production methods, which are ABS, PU, PVC, and various composites.
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