Unilever Headquarters (Office Building) by Aedas
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Inspiration is from the traditional Indonesian village, where families from different backgrounds form a tightly knit community. It informs our concept to design a campus-like office space that encourages collaboration, communication, and foster closer bonds and work relations. Being in the tropics also inspired the introduction of nature both internally and externally.
Unilever Jakarta is a green and people-centric contemporary office with layout referencing the traditional Indonesian village to promote values of nature, community and diversity. Its natural-lit courtyard atrium connects all parts of the office. High visual connectivity and common spaces along the atrium encourage collaboration and cohesion, fostering a close-knit community. The building uses indentations to introduce greenery and shifting floorplates to reduce solar heat gain.
Design Challenges
To deliver a high quality, contemporary project on a low cost. With a shortage of skilled labour, the design was simplified to improve constructability. Fixtures were designed to be simple and locally available to reduce cost. To address concerns of earthquakes in the region, a low-rise office design was preferred as a cost-effective precaution. The social-cultural behaviour of users had to be incorporated in design. Common spaces for socialising had to be well integrated with the office.
Production Technology
Solar studies were done using Rhino and Honeybee to guide the building form and design. North-South building orientation was employed to reduce façade areas in direct sunlight. Aluminum blade louvers were installed onto double glazed curtain walls to achieve high daylight penetration and reduce solar heat gain. Floorplates were designed to overhang each level so that lower levels benefit from shading. Shading studies were done to optimise placement, angle, and depth of the blade louvers.
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