Imnu (Wall Clock) by Jara Freund
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Jara Freund was inspired by the thermal bath Vals in Switzerland. The architect Peter Zumthor designed the building based on a quarry and knowingly leaves out amusement elements such as slides or bubble baths. A bathing experience reduces to the essentials. Furthermore, you won't find a clock on the wall. They are hidden in metal pipes that stick out of the ground. When looking into them you can read the time. IMNU is designed in such a way that it has an understated nature and a subtle appearance.
Imnu is an innovative concept of the wall clock that fits into every environment and interior. The clock face is a thin disc which seems to float on the wall. The hands bend from the back towards the center of the clock and run outside around the disc. As known from conventional clocks, the short hand indicates the hour, the long one the minutes. The clock hands are balanced by a counterweight and thus rotate around the dial without loss of power. The overall impression is filigree, reduced and light. The wall clock has a subtle elegance.
Design Challenges
Design Challenge: The redefinition of one of the most classic designs, the clock. Technical Challenge: It is not possible to implement the concept with commercial quartz clockworks. There is no possibility to connect the clock face with the clockwork without the hands coming in between any fixing point. Therefore the clock runs with special reconstructed clockwork which allows the clock hands to spin from the outside. Finding a solution was a technical challenge but resulted in a smart add-on which is mounted onto an existing clock movement.
Production Technology
The clock face and the clock hands are made of aluminum. They are punched out and a little piece of pipe is welded onto the clock plate to connect the clockwork to it. The metal parts are finished with a powder coated and the branding is placed on the clock face.
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