Photoptosis (Installation) by Christoph Klemmt
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Winner
The geometries of both the stainless steel surface as well as the fiber optics cables have been developed through computational algorithms that digitally simulate the growth of veins and plants. This venation algorithm simulates the need of plants to reach the sun light or of veins in leaves to supply every cell with nutrients. In doing so, the growth of the branches or the veins slowly expands to cover a large area.
Photoptosis is a sculpture that explores the medium of light as a material that in itself can grow the same way that plants do. Photoptosis consists of a triangulated, tree-trunk-like stainless steel surface, and onto this a set of side-glowing fiber optics cables has grown like the veins of Ivy on a tree.
Design Challenges
Christoph Klemmt did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Photoptosis Installation.
Production Technology
The structure is made from 100 stainless steel panels of 3mm thickness that have been CNC-cut and CNC-bent to their respective shapes. The structural engineering managed to only utilize this thin steel surface as the sole structural element, without the need for any primary structure to hang those off. In order for the surface to not deform, additional stainless steel strips were placed in line with the flanges of the panels to stiffen those, and the lower areas required additional bolts along the flanges that connect two rows of steel segments. The foundation is made from concrete and contains a shaft to house the projector for the lighting system. The lighting is achieved by side-glowing fibre-optics cables. The bundle of 200 cables starts at the bottom of the sculpture and then branches out to reach every node on the stainless steel surface.
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