The Beacon (Serviced Apartment and Retail) by Aedas
2017 - 2018, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The idea is inspired by the old residential building, we commonly see in Mongkok. Borrowing the element, "illegal iron balconies" become the inspiration for the facade design. The desire for views has historically created balconies which push out from the building facade, allowing occupants to peek out onto the street instead of into the opposite building. These illegal iron balconies have grown to become part of the iconic Mongkok streetscape, forming exquisite backdrops for the city.
The building is situated in the high density urban area of Mongkok which is a predominately retail, commercial and residential area made up by a mixture of old and new buildings. The subject site covers an area of about 614m2, and the building function is that of a Serviced Apartments. The development consists of 128 rooms, retail and a clubhouse.The building is in zigzag form for seeking different ways to maximize their views while negotiating the issue of hyper density.
Design Challenges
The design is inspired from the traditional architecture in Hong Kong. While the iron balconies started off as a functional desire to obtain the best view for occupants, they have since evolved to become part of Mongkok's iconic streetscape. Borrowing elements from the traditional architecture of Hong Kong, the building becomes a contemporary interpretation of the challenges facing architecture in 21st century Hong Kong.
Production Technology
Historically, many balconies were filled with plants as a form of personal garden in the sky. Bringing this concept into our building, a green wall seemingly protrudes from the solid parts of the podium, creating a visual reminder of the historical connection of the balcony. The green wall also serves a function usage as it enhances the quality of life for the neighbourhood and occupants of the building by increasing the provision of greenery at a pedestrian level.
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